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Minor Course Corrections
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ellohei wrote in wvmaxim
When I tell people about World Vision and the other charities I support, I usually hear the same responses. Sometimes it's the "Well, good for you" condescension, but usually it's the "I can't afford it" auto-reply. They're usually sincere about it too; they really think they can't afford it. Neither did I, at first.

Then my pastor told me something very interesting:
"A small adjustment by just a few degrees can change your course so drastically over a long distance that you'll end up miles from where you might have gone before. In life, minor course corrections make huge differences over time. You can't always see the kind of progress you're making, but you can be sure that you'll be a lot closer to your destination and a lot farther from danger if you make those small adjustments."

So I stopped getting coffee and soda every morning on the way to classes. I didn't realize how much money I'd wasted (or how much weight I'd gained) as a result of this bad habit formed a few years ago. That's how I was able to afford to take on a sponsorship myself this last January (Maria, whose picture I've posted before). Until that point, I had collectively sponsored with guys from a Bible study, folks from the youth group, and a little boy from Jerusalem with my family. But my contribution to each of these was minimal, at best.

More recently, I've stopped buying lunch to take to work. Packing my own lunch, I've discovered, saves me close to $60 a month! After praying about it, I've taken on a second sponsorship--Camille Maia from Brazil. Additionally, through the use of eBay, I've been able to supplement my income from the bookstore so that it's as if nothing changed in my lifestyle (other than, hopefully, better food choices!).

Think twice before saying you can't afford to sow into the lives of people God loves. If you're like me, you probably just haven't thought about it much. What small adjustments can you make that will make a big difference down the road? No one is asking you to change your lifestyle drastically--but you might just change someone else's life.


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